Should I Buy a No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy?

Many people shopping for a term life insurance policy are looking for an option that does not require an insurance physical. If you are in this group and can qualify, then buying a no medical exam life policy is a “no brainer.” However, there are several other reasons to consider buying a life insurance policy that does not require a physical exam. Learn more by reading below or get a no exam term life insurance quote now.

Other than simply not wanting to do an exam, one of the biggest reasons to consider a non medical term life insurance policy is lack of time. If you need a policy quickly, there may not be adequate time to apply the old fashion way. In fact, when applying for a regular term policy, an insurance exam is required and the underwriting process can take up to 4-6 weeks or more. On the other hand, the application and approval process to buy a no medical exam term life policy is no more that 20-30 minutes and coverage can be effective immediately. If you don’t have the time, the no exam policy is the right choice.

Another reason to buy a life policy without an exam is if you have a problem with needles. If you have a “needle phobia” the no exam option is an easy way to get around having to give blood. Blood and urine are routine requirements to be approved for a regular term life policy. By going the no exam route, you can avoid the “dreaded” blood draw and still get an affordable policy.

Additionally, with a no medical life policy, you have the option of working with an agent or simply going through the electronic approval process online without getting an agent involved. This is extremely attractive to some people who have had bad experiences in the past when applying for traditional life insurance. Of course, we always recommend working with an insurance professional to get the best results.

Finally, buying a life insurance policy without a medical exam involves a lot less hassles. If you apply for life insurance the traditional route, there is obviously an exam required. Additionally, there may be an EKG required and in many cases the insurance company will order your medical records from each of your doctors. Furthermore, if the underwriting dictates, there may be additional questions that must be answered. With the no medical exam option, everything is completed electronically and the underwriting process is simply a check of your medical information bureau file and a pharmaceutical check. This entire process takes less than 30 minutes and your policy can be approved.

Obviously, the biggest reason you would apply for a non medical exam life policy is to avoid the exam. However, there are several other very good reasons to buy a policy without an exam including saving time, avoiding getting poked by a needle, not having to deal with an agent and eliminating the hassles of ordinary life insurance underwriting. If you agree with any or all of these reasons, you should probably buy a life insurance policy without an exam. To start the process and to see if you can qualify you need to get a life insurance no exam quote now.

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