Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Life Insurance Policy is Offered?

No exam life insurance policies offered on this site are level term life insurance policies. With term life insurance, you can buy the highest amount of life insurance at the absolute lowest price. Level term plans offered are guaranteed for the respect 10, 15, 20 or 30 year term period.

Does This Life Insurance Require an Insurance Physical Exam?

No! You do not have to pass a medical exam to qualify for this insurance. However, as part of our electronic underwriting process, information about you may be accessed from the medical information bureau (MIB) as well as the department of motor vehicles. Any negative information may exclude you from coverage under this plan.

What is the Medical Information Bureau (MIB)?

The MIB is a confidential database that is used by insurance companies to detect and prevent fraudulent and misrepresentative applications for insurance. We will run a quick check of your medical information provided on your application to make sure that no information you provide conflicts with information contained in your MIB record. The process of retrieving your MIB file takes less than one minute and is completed electronically.

Will You Check My Credit When I Apply?

No! A credit report is NOT run as part of this application process.

Are There Any Age Restrictions?

The minimum age to qualify for life insurance under this plan is 18. The maximum age is 65.

Are the Rates Guaranteed?

The rates are guaranteed to remain fixed for the entire level term period selected. For example, if you choose a 10 year level term plan, your rates are guaranteed to be level for the first 10 policy years. After the initial level term period, rates will increase but the policy can be renewed to your age 95.

When Does My Policy Become Effective?

Once your online application has been approved, signed, the MIB and pharmaceutical database is checked and you have submitted your credit card or banking information, your policy becomes effective. This entire process generally takes less than 15 minutes.

Can I Replace My Current Policy If I Buy Your Policy?

No! Under our current guidelines, we do NOT permit replacing an existing policy.

Can I Change the Beneficiary of The Policy At Any Time?

Yes. A beneficiary can be changed at any time. When your actual policy is printed, it will be mailed to you in a “Welcome Kit”. Details for changing a beneficiary will be included in this material.

You may also go online to change your beneficiary.

If you do not have internet access, you can customer service at (800) 323-1317 and request a beneficiary change form.

What are My Payment Options?

There are 2 methods of payment accepted: a credit card or automatic deduction from your bank account. Direct billing (mailing in a check) is NOT an option.

Can I Cancel My Policy at Any Time?

Absolutely. You can cancel your policy at any time by simply discontinuing your premium payments or calling our customer service department and requesting that your policy be cancelled.

Can I Convert My Policy to a Longer Term Plan?

Every policy we approve offers a conversion period whereby you can exchange your term policy for another more permanent policy WITHOUT PROOF OF HEALTH.

Can I Talk With An Agent?

Yes. Michael Gray, Jr is licensed to write life insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. You can contact Michael at (877) 583-3955 with any questions or to discuss options.

What is the Contact Information for HSBC?

Customer Service (800) 323-1317

To File a Claim (800) 706-2931

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